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Radon removal

Radon removal from water

What is radon?

Radon is a flavorless, colorless, radioactive gas that is found in many wells. Radon in water can contribute to radon in air within buiidings. Prolonged exposure to radon can increase a person's chance of suffering from lung cancer. For more information about its occurance and dangers see the EPA web site.

How do I know if I have radon in my water?

You will need to test your water with a qualified laboratory.

How do I remove radon if I find it?

The two primary technologies for removing radon are aeration and carbon adsorption. Though we do not provide products for sale in this store, we are happy to furnish a quote for you. Simply fill in our contact form and you will receive a prompt response. If you are in southeastern New Hampshire and are interested in having us install one, use this form.


We have experience with installing and servicing:

  • REPCO Bubble Up
  • AIRaider
  • Aerosparge
  • Micronizer
    $61.36 Waterite Micronizer
    The world's preferred air injection valve used in dozens of countries as an ideal injector for:* Chemical-free iron and manganese removers* Control of dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems* Ozone disinfection systems*...

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